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Welcome to the yPage. This is kind of an eclectic site, which is basically another word for random topics picked by our little awesome/weird/cool group. For example, The-Traveler has started a page on myths, humi has started both a page on anime and a page on webcomics, and That_Tall_Kid has started a page on jokes. ghandiman has started a page on Legos We have kind of different interests, so expect a lot of oddness.
Have fun searching the site! To browse our current collection of odd pages, look at the menu at left that says "site pages."
Oh yeah, and this site is a wiki, meaning that if you become a member, you can post threads, comments, additional info, even YouTube widgets (in the video archive at top.)
Start counting the days 'till summer vacation! good luck on exams (for those who haven't already taken them)!
-the ykid
Yeah, good luck on finals and all that. We got, what 4 days till its over? And all half-days? Well if you're in high school :)

WARNING: This site has a variety of views. We have everything ranging from left to right, alien believers to non, and more. It's what makes us a unique site.

Birthdays posted here!
First put the month, then day, then what age you will be turning. And of course, your screen name. (Try to put them in order by date)

May 9th- Humi
July 24th - 15 - The yKid
August 23rd - 13 - Zelfangirl30224
December 8th - 16 - Sesshyfangirl302
December 19th- The-Traveler
November 15th- Ghandiman
I believe, now that we know wost everyone's b-days, this makes me the oldest person on the site!
- That_Tall_Kid :D
Hi everyone! Humi here! I would like to be the second to welcome you to the site. We all try to be nice here but lest you summon the wrath of ykid (which I have felt many times) you need to know a few things.

Rules of the site
1. No profanity please. We get enough of this at school.
2. No inappropriateness. Again, we get enough. This is supposed to be a parent safe site. You don't know who is hovering over your shoulder reading while you type...
3. No threats. If there is a problem between site members please direct the problem to a moderator and we will try to sort it out. It is possible to be banned from this site and we will not hesitate to ban you if you are threatening or hurting other members.
4. Please do not put personal information or personal pictures on here without permission of the ykid. Remember this is the Internet.
5. We are not liable for any links that lead away from this site. This is especially true on the webcomics page. I have tried my best to put a reasonable rating for each link but we claim no responsibility for your actions or the repercussions of those actions.
6.Do not mess with pages that you did not create without permission of the creator. We understand this might be funny but it is also a pain to fix.
7. Do not mess with ykid. He is the ruler of this site and can destroy us all at a moments notice.
8. Do not be afraid to voice your opinions. Just do it in a kind way.

Thank you! Try to have fun on the site and try to help keep it alive!

Rule #7 is optional, but highly recommended ;)
- the ykid

Gotta put my Hancock on here too. If another member says they're a moderator, don't trust them. Check the members page, which has a link to list moderators and above. Like Humi said, any probs, messages one of us. Immediately.

RULE #9. No one, and I mean NO ONE!!!, can be taller than me!!! :)
- That_Tall_Kid (NO ONE!!!)
Humi- no danger.
That_Tall_Kid- But, I like danger... :(

Hello people of Earth...

Please check out the yJoke page of the site.
People usualy add some new material. Go check it out!
- That_Tall_Kid :)

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