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Tryingto readSo many of us nerds find ourselves on our computer one day saying "Gee, I'm bored. What should I do now?" Now there are plenty of things that you could do but normally what I do is find a good webcomic and start reading.

Webcomics are often overlooked because A) people don't have enough time to read them B) They don't know they are out there C) people just don't care. A lot of you probably fall into the last category, if so I have nothing to say to you. If you do not then I have compiled a list of a few great webcomics that I am currently reading and will provide a short summary and hopefully a rating for each of them in the near future.

Please keep in mind that some of my ratings may be a little harsh.

Blue and Blond A comic about two crazy surfers who live in New Jersey. Always searching for that perfect wave.... Of course in New Jersey that wave comes up to your ankles. Hilarious. I am horrible at making this comic sound as good as it is. PG
The first surfing comic that was ever put on the web and the writer is a Richmond local. He is also really nice, I met him at a convention.

Ctrl+Alt+Del A popular comic that started as a gaming comic but grew to something more. It follows the crazy antics of a gamer named Ethan and his roommates. Just look at the picture to get an idea of what this comic is like.Yeah, of course Somewhere between PG and PG-13.

Geeks Next Door Two geeks live through their lives with their eccentric roommate Barry. Hilarity ensues. PG or G.

SNAFU Comics I highly recommend any of these comics but keep in mind that they are of varying ratings. Most are PG-13. My personal favorites are Grim Tales and the Power Puff Girls Douinshi. Both are great for any old Cartoon Network fan.

Geist-Panik From the maker of "Hookie Dookie Panic" (also amazing) comes Geist Panik. The story of a girl who, after waking up in an alley finds that she is able to see ghosts. She then quickly realizes that they are all jerks and freaks and decides to catch and sell them for her own profit. At least, until the underworld authorities catch her.... PG-13 for blood and cursing.

Mystic Revolution Inside Mystic Revolution, a video game, you can be hurt and can be killed. Whatever happens affects you in the real world. The story of a player named Lourdes and the brain dead, sword obsessed ninja who won't leave her alone. No matter how much she sets him on fire. Amazingly funny comic that has plenty of twists and turns with a great cast. PG-13 for some adult themes.
Note- Recently the first few pages of this comic were redone for a contest. Due to lack of space here I will put these in the images section on this site.

REGRBL A comic about three superheros with some of the least effective powers in the universe; Summoning instant udon, summoning a watering can, and flying with the help of shrimp tempura. Not to mention they are more preoccupied with doing what they want instead of using their powers at all. Only using them for convenience. Seriously, instant udon can come in handy if you are driving for 7 hours straight. You get hungry. Hilarious. PG

Three Panel Soul An amazing comic that has the wonderfully descriptive tag line "Two isn't enough, four is more than necessary." PG or G.

VG Cats Short for Video Game Cats this is a gag comic that has featured too many games to count. Good for a laugh if you don't play video games. Good for a laughing to the point where you are in pain if you do play them. PG-13.

Super Effective I know that this is through VG Cats but it deserves its own link. Making fun of Pokemon red, blue and yellow surprisingly never gets old. Hilarious comic that is very true and does what so many gamers wish they could do. G.

Head Trip The story of two sisters named Kat and Malory who seem to get along. Except when Kat finds the bodies Malory stashed in the closet. And that's when the devil shows up to take Malory's soul. Again. Then with the side stories of the superheroes Emokid and Chemokid it creates one of the funniest overlooked comics on the web! PG-13 for some blood and adult themes. Also, the bodies in the closet scene never actually happens but it is mentioned in passing.

MNT Gaiden What ever happened to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? What happens to them now that they are in their THIRTIES? All have gone their separate ways and are on horrible terms with each other. But when an outside source accidentally brings them together the result creates an interesting story. *shudders*
Amazing art even better story but it does require some background knowledge of the turtles. I know some of you would enjoy this (I'm looking at you Freelancer94) especially in this year the turtles 25th anniversary. Rated PG-13 for blood.

Twokinds (copied from topwebcomics.com[ I couldn't think of how to describe this])
A story about a clueless hero and a mischievous tigergirl trying to sort out their feeling for each other. Can they really find true love without killing each other first?
Rated PG-13 for very adult themes.

Phoenix Requiem When a young man stumbles into town on a snowy night the local nurse immediately takes him in. But when spirits and shades seem to surround this man and a mysterious plague befalls her town simultaneously she knows she is trapped in more than she ever believed in. PG

The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja Raised as a ninja, taught as a doctor. Add in Judy (his gorilla secretary) and an assorted nuWach for rollover text like this on every page of this comic. It just makes the best better!mber of companions (including the clone of Benjamin Franklin and a Velociraptor) this comic becomes one of the best comics on the web! No joke! Hold your mouse over the picture that is put with this in here and find out another fun thing about the comic! PG or PG-13 for blood. I mean come on he is a ninja.

8-bit Theater Wow.....ummm.. this comic is extremely hard to explain. Set in the universe of final fantasy it follows the adventures of Black Mage, Fighter, Red Mage, and Thief.
This story is a classic example of "what should happen" vs "What actually happens." What is supposed happen is Four adventurers, the Light Warriors, must save the world by relighting four magical orbs that are tied to the four elements and, finally, defeat the personification of evil, Chaos. Instead the four bumbling idiots who are brought together by some strange twists of fate and a binding contract (courtesy of Thief) take up the position of light warrior to earn a quick buck. Continuing on their journeys they manage to die, destroy towns, scam people, murder, steal, murder each other, rule hell, defy the laws of physics, drive people insane, plan to take over/destroy the world, make enemies with nearly every thing that ever lived or ever will live and many things that never existed. Expect to have your hold on reality tested. PG-13

Emergency Exit Eddie and Bob are best friends. they live together in their apartment with an assorted number of companions. But when a short Chinese man pops out of their neighbor's cabinet one day and mysterious monsters begin to attack them they know something is going on. Then when their landlord, whom they have never seen before, begins to show up more and more and a strange (if not amusing) man claims to be their villain (who works for an evil organization pretending to be a government agency, pretending to be an evil organization) they have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. Oh yeah, did I mention that Bob is part monster too? PG-13

Parallel Dementia "Do you seek salvation in what you do? There is none."
Fall quit the Templar. No more fighting nightmares for her. But when her best friend Reginald, who happens to be a robot, shows up to take her back to that organization thins begin to change. Soon Fall is not only working for the Templar again she is also being protected by a fire demon that should not even be alive, has a partner who apparently knew her in the past, and Reginald is always at here side. And all of them have something to hide, Fall the most of all.....Things we could never imagine....
Rated R according to Topwebcomics but I believe that this is strictly for blood and some scenes that may scare children.

Slightly Damned Some of you may know about the different rings/levels of hell. But there is one ring you may not know about. It is so desolate and uninhabited that even most demons refuse to acknowledge its existence. Welcome to the ring of the slightly damned. When Rhea, a Jakkai, is killed unexpectedly Death decides to take her to this ring due to her complex nature.(too good for hell, too bad for heaven)She is then greeted by its only other two inhabitants. And that's, if you will excuse the expression, all hell breaks loose. PG-13. This is an amazingly funny comic that I don't think anyone can describe well in the space here. READ IT!

Looking for Group The only comic I have ever found that they break into song in the middle of the comic....and they make it look NORMAL too! Awesomely hilarious comic where you never know what to expect. PG-13 to R for blood and gore.
For Pony!

The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred (copied from thewebcomiclist.com [this comic is too good for my summaries])
Join Wiglaf and Mordred as they try to maintain their friendship through world domination plots, jealous siblings, employees with more secrets than they let on and of course the lies that the two tell each other. With a cast of colorful and unique characters, you're sure to be entertained. This is one of my favorite comics I have found yet. PG-13.

Hamlet The Manga! Slayers is a great anime, but what happens when our favorite trickster priest gives a copy of Hamlet to the greatest chimera ever? Add in blackmailing dark lords, a starving Lina, almost every character that Slayers has ever shown, and Zelgadis' luck getting worse and worse.......and worse, who else thinks they're all going to die? Can I get a show of hands?
(I vote YES) -ykid

Me too!-Ghandiman

Darken An awesome comic if a little dark. The story of Komiyan who, through a series of events, becomes the overly loyal minon of Gort, the direct underling of Mephistopheles (the devil's underling). Gort was sent to find the artifacts of evil for Mephistopheles with the basic instructions of "anything goes". Gort REALLY loves his job. Bloody and hilarious. PG-13 or RThis is actually another character, Mink, but I love the tagline.


In Which Kathe Adds Her Two Cents:

Questionable Content According to the site, this is a comic about "indie rock, robots, and romance". Routinely hilarious as of late, the story starts off with Marten Reed and his group of friends- Pintsize, his AnthroPC (an anthropomorphic computer, that's where the robots come in); Steve; and Faye, his roommate with issues. The story expands to include 10-12+ more characters, and the artwork improves a lot along the way. Rated 16+ (not sure, but better to be safe than sorry, right?) for language and adult themes.
Awkward Zone: Defeated!<- QC runs from Monday-Friday.

dear humi,
cannot BELIEVE you left out xkcd. Drawn entirely in stick figure, this is "a webcomic of sarcasm, romance, math, and language." If you are well-versed in math, science, computer programming, or the internet, then this comic will be the most hilarious thing you have ever seen in your life. otherwise, it probably won't make any sense. rated 14+ for teenage humor.

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